Don't "Get By." Really Live.

We all know that smoking takes years of your life. But what about the years you’ve got? Quitting tobacco means helping to make sure your years are good. It’s the difference between quality time with your grandkids, and sitting out of activities to catch your breath.


Commit to the Quit.

You’re not alone. Quitting smoking can be a team sport. And South Dakota Quitline can help. Whether you need phone coaching, educational tools for success or patches and medication designed to help you on your journey, Quitline is here to make the process as painless as possible.

Quit the Habit

Know the Effects.

Smoking impacts your health and your lifestyle. Knowing the effects of using tobacco helps make the decision to kick the habit even easier.


Thinking About Quitting?

Considered how much better your life could be without tobacco in your life? The first step is the inclination to quit. Find out about first steps.


Just the Facts.

You’d be surprised how much you don’t know about tobacco and how it ravages your body and decreases your quality of life.


Help Someone Quit.

Friend or loved one who’s addicted to a tobacco product? You can help them start their quit journey with SD Quitline.

Know Your Options.

Quitting can mean enormously improving your quality of life. That’s why we’ve built tools to help make it happen, no matter how long smoking has been a part of your life.


Phone Coaching

No-judgment support throughout your journey—connect with a trained Quit Coach to identify your triggers and build a strategy catered to you. Best of all? It’s free!


Kickstart Kit

Take advantage of free medication to help you step-down on your own — including patches, lozenges or gum, and a Quit Guide to help you kick your nicotine habit.


Quit Guide

Want a beginner step toward quitting? Receive a free workbook to help you prep and get ready to quit on your own time, at your own speed.